Saturday, 21 June 2014

Arise and Stand

Key points from the Arise and Stand conference (Steve Hepden and Emma Stark – see OCF websie for podcasts of the talks):- 1. we must metamorphosise from caterpillars into butterflies, from ordinary to extra-ordinary 2. stop simply seeking 'visitations' of God and instead become a 'habitation' for God (so wherever you are you influence others for the kingdom and in love) 3. be predictable in character but unpredictable in action (move out of our comfort zones and embrace change) 4. our destiny becomes clearer when our identity is clearer. Stop only seeking the gifts and seek to be the gift in our spheres of influence. 5. What is a prophet? a prophet is someone who shapes the future by speaking into the now 6. We must be eagles that soar high on the thermals of the Spirit not parrots that sit on our perches of religion and tradition 7. We must avoid just experiences with out Jesus by coming through the door which is Jesus (John 10 v7) 8. There is still an issue in church of rejected women and insecure men - both need to be healed for us to move forward as a church 9. we must BE a solution instead of just need a solution (Romans 8 v28) and bring the King's orders into places of influence. Have a heart to be a solution and use what ever is in your hand (Exodus 4 v2) i.e. your skills, gifts, position, knowledge, abilities 10. It is God who sets the agenda - Exodus 34 v10 - 14 11.Eagerly desire ('lust after') the gifts (1 Cor. 12 v31) and be eager to prophecy (1 Cor 14 v39) 12. Carpe Deum = 'seize the day' 13. Unity is crucial because Holy Spirit dwelling has a corporate nature. Acts 4 v24 & 32: we are members TOGETHER - a passion for Christ will lead to unity 14. What we think are giants have already been destroyed at the cross of Jesus. Jesus has already overcome the world - (we must take hold of our possessions) 15. We were made first and foremost to be face to face with God. We were not made for the outer courts but for the inner courts. 16. There is an emotion that comes with salvation and that is jOY! 17. There is a new call to love God and each other authentically and to embrace vulnerability. For 'arm pit living' when we are honest with each other and acknowledge that we get things wrong but to love first. 18. Many families will be saved 19. People will come not because of our programmes but because of our 'burning' (passion for Him) as we fix our eyes on the things above and as we become a habitation for the weight of the glory of God. Thank you to all those who organised the conference. So many people have been blessed by your hard work and love for God. He is the Alpha and the Omega.

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