Friday, 9 September 2011

Increasing the blessing

As we gear up for a new year of ministry when I believe God wants us to step out in healing, prophecy and a bold witness to the glory and joy of knowing Jesus I sense God wants to do us good first!

In this age of austerity and cut backs God wants to do the opposite. He wants to increase abundance, increase hope, increase blessing. Let's stop living an 'it'll do' existence and begin to see there is so much more God wants to bless us with.

Let's 'press in' to the joy and healing and blessing that the Holy Spirit has for us and not put up with anything less. Get to the prayer times and the conferences and the meetings and the Life-groups and the worship times and seek His immense blessing.

Just being with the people of God does me good - I don't know why except that it's the Spirit in them that resonates with me and equips me for the next step of the way.

Chris had a picture a while ago of a street where windows overlooking the street were closed and people were looking through the windows (at the church) but as the season changed and it became warmer then they opened the windows and could hear the message of the church.

We are in a time which I believe is a 'window of opportunity' not just in OCF but nationally and globally when people are opening their windows to hear the gospel as we go out.

This coming year requires a people who are committed to their walk with God, who are seeking Him daily (we cannot glide on yesterday's winds or the hope of tomorrow's winds - only on the wind of the Spirit for each day).

Let's begin to listen again to what the Spirit is saying NOW in this moment and declare it and encourage each other with it and even challenge each other where it is needed.
The window of opportunity will only be open for a while - NOW is the time to listen and hear what God is saying. NOW is the time to speak out the message of a loving and powerful and risen Saviour.

Let's not put Him off to another day but let's choose today who we are going to serve.