Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The difference

"If your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here........What else will distinguish me and your people from all the other people on the face of the earth?"
(Exodus 33 v15-16)

Amen! God always first, His Presence always above everything else, connecting with Him paramount, nothing else matters more.
We can organise, prioritise, socialise even revolutionise but I'd rather let God arise.

What does that mean in reality?
It means we spend more of our time only with Him.
It means we get to know what He is thinking by listening only to Him.
It means we overflow to others with more of Him.
Time in His Presence makes a difference - it 'distinguishes' us, for God and His glory.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Hungry for God

'The Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as a man speaks with his friend. Then Moses would return to the camp, but his young assistant Joshua son of Nun did not leave the tent' Exodus 33 v11
WOW! face to face! Joshua, the future leader, could not retreat from the presence of God.
Did he have friends or family or other things to do? No doubt.
Could he leave the presence of God? Not when it's been 'face to face'

How hungry am I for God?
Is it above every other hunger? Hunger for acceptance, for love, for wealth, for material possession, for family, for church growth, for friendship, for justice, for peace, for respect, for healing, for comfort? Is my hunger for God above all these things?

When it is these things will be added to us but even if they are not what is our perspective? Are we hungry enough to cry out with the prayer of Hannah? Do we hunger for the one who thought of light when everything was darkness all the time?

Church has some interest but far more interesting and exciting and wonderful is God Himself, for Himself and as Himself 'face to face'.

mike is blogging

Hello welcome to Mike's first blog.
I will be letting you know why I'm doing this at some point in the future.
Love you all