Friday, 29 July 2011

What do we do?

What do we do when our heads and hearts become distracted by the cares and worries of this life?

What do we do when it's so difficult to hear and respond to God's voice because so many other voices have been given permission to be louder?

I have had a time when I've found those other voices overwhelming. Not because I've rebelling against God but just life itself has been allowed to be louder.

It becomes 'life in the red zone' and it's so easy to slip into a pace of life that is about pleasing everyone else and meeting the daily pressures, but ignoring the One who can help us through it all.

Just before he was thrown to the lions, Daniel's enemies found him praying and asking God for help – it was his normal experience to come before God three times a day despite the stressful position he had in Babylon and despite the opposition he constantly faced.

Daniel had aptitude for every kind of learning, was well informed, quick to understand and distinguished himself so much that the king was planning to set him over the whole kingdom (pressure!)

Yet Daniel did not fall back on his own abilities or fall out under the pressure but fell down before God and sought His help daily.

I have learnt some lessons through this:-

  1. 'get together' – I recently went to Lifegroup with some friends and found a refreshing as we talked together about prayer and studied the Word of God as a group – it revitalised me to be with others who love God and who also face life in all its ups and downs

  2. 're-align' – just because I can't reach the high expectations I set for myself don't give up. There are times when I will read 5 chapters a day and other times when 1 chapter is all I can manage. 10 minutes of crying out to God is better than ignoring Him because I can't do my usual 30 minutes.

  3. 'fix your eyes' – on Jesus but also on those who struggled in the faith. When Peter walked on water with his eyes on Jesus it was a 'high' that not many would experience, yet so quickly it turned into an all time 'low' as he became distracted by the wind and the storm. What happened? Did Jesus ignore him in his failure? No, Jesus reached out and lifted Him.

As a church we are busy. There are many ministries happening and great things are going on. People are passionate about serving Jesus and making a difference.

But let's not forget what Daniel and Job and Peter and countless others had to realise, and which I have realised many time over - that we are human and God is God, and without Him the centre will not hold.