Sunday, 19 February 2012

Wendy's testimony

In OCF we are encouraging people to write out their stories of knowing Jesus and why they are Christians. Here is Wendy's testimony:-

'I started to lean on Jesus when I was 11. Starting at a huge and scary secondary school I was lonely, fearful and worried. I remember being given a Gideon’s bible, as all first years were, and the speaker suggested we read it every night. I always did as I was told then, so from that point on I started reading the bible nightly. In my worst times I would read and memorize the recommended verses for when ‘scared’ or ‘worried’ – they seemed to help.

At 14, confirmation classes helped to fill in some gaps and I made a decision to become a ‘LFC’ supporter – to Live For Christ with Love, Faith and Courage. Always the conformist I spent most of the next 20 years asking myself ‘what would Jesus do’ when faced with difficult or painful situations. The bible was always there for support, although whenever I turned to Jesus it was in times of trouble. Prayers were answered and comfort given, but Jesus for me, was on a pedestal and I turned to him only when really necessary – I didn’t like to bother him really!

It was when I started going to OCF that I began to realise Jesus was more than just a rescue package. He was with me 24/7 through good times as well as bad. He was someone to fall in love with, share my life with and adore. He was fast becoming a good friend as well as my saviour and I think Mark started to notice a change in me.
Ten years ago our marriage was in a bad place. A cross-roads. God stepped in and saved it. At the time Mark was an atheist but he became curious and offered himself up as a blank page – challenging the church to convince him we had a living God who wanted a full and loving relationship with him. The Fellowship came alongside, and one Alpha course later, Mark stood up in church and declared his faith. The transformation I witnessed in Mark, and the rescue of what had been a fragile marriage, spoke more to me about God’s love than any other life experience.

I have always believed in a God who protects and guides me; that has never been an issue. In my younger days He was the shaft of pure, brilliant light in what was often a very dark place. As time has passed His light has spread out – broadened and strengthened. It now flows over and covers every aspect of my life. There are still dark days and bad things will still happen, but I know Jesus will not let me go. He loves me. I am safe.'