Thursday, 14 January 2010

You shall be rebuilt

Have you read Word for Today today (Thursday 14th Jan)?!
' I have loved you with an everlasting love.. I will build you, and you shall be rebuilt..' Jeremiah 31 v4
'What life has torn down, God can rebuild.'

As I watched the news yesterday morning of the earthquake in Haiti it caused my heart to go out to those people who have lost everything. Here I am bemoaning my fate because it's cold outside and there's snow on the road, whilst people's lives and homes have been destroyed!

Suffering is always comparative yet Jesus said 'Fear not, I have overcome the world.'
Sometimes we look around and we wonder what is happening. Why it is happening. And a frustration grows within us for things to be different - good.

Out of frustration and out of yearning and out of hopelessness God will plant and rebuild.

It was so exciting to hear of baby Daniel Burgess being born yesterday. A new life in the middle of now, a new person here, someone who is unique - in all this there is hope because each of us is called to be rebuilt, to be reborn and though we may be in a time of frustration it is just the birth pangs of new life.

As we continue to pray and seek Father He will, at the right time, respond to our desire and our yearning (get your big boots on and start standing and stomping - the enemy will NOT have his way much longer!)

We have started a new series on the prayers of Jesus and Russell spoke of a God who is accessible, available and loving. Steve Hepden on Wednesday night spoke of the divine favour of God as we speak to the rock (Jesus).

Next month we are calling the church to a night of piercing the darkness when we will intercede throughout the night for God to break in with His light to situations we are yearning to see God move in and seeking God for the things He wants us to move in!

We shall move into a year of healing as we persevere in prayer. God will build us and rebuild us because He loves and He calls us to love Him and share this 'everlasting love' from the overflow.